Small Driver for bipolar stepper motor

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Motor Drivers

AP1037AER The AP1037CER employs original technique the first in the industry “Active Decay Control”, so is high efficient stepper motor drivers. The “Active Decay Control” reduces the current ripple while maintaining the current follow-up capability, because adjusts the motor current automatically.
The AP1037CER is suitable for OA-equipment such as Multi-functional Printers (MFP).

Active Decay Control


    High Efficiency
    The AP103X series adopts “Active Decay Control” reducing the current ripple while maintaining the current follow-up capability; therefore a high efficient motor driving is realized. The AP103x series is housed in a small package since high efficiency of the device helps suppressing heat generation. Therefore a printed circuit board can be downsized.

    Smooth Motor Drive and Low Vibration
    The AP103x series provides smooth and low vibration motor rotation by supporting micro-stepping drive from 2 (full step) to 2W1-2 (1/8step) phase excitation. It is capable of controlling the current in high precision.

    Automatic Decay Control
    The “Active Decay Control” adjusts the motor current automatically. Therefore, designing man-hours can be reduced by eliminating the need for Decay setting that is controlled by external parts.

Key Features

PWM Current Control Active Decay Control
Single Power Supply Operation
Motor Operating Voltage 8.0 to 35.0V
Max Output Current 1.5A
On-Resistance (High+Low) @Ta=25℃ 0.95Ω (Ta=25℃)
VM Quiescent Current at Sleep Mode 10uA @Ta=25℃
Input Interface Clock-in method
Excitation Mode 2 Phase (Full step)
1-2 Phase (1/2 step)
W1-2 Phase (1/4 step)
2W1-2 Phase (1/8 step)
PWM Chopper Frequency 39kHz/77kHz Selectable
Spike Noise Blanking Function
Selectable Motor Rotation Direction (CC/CCW)
Corresponding to 3.3V/5V Input Signal
Charge Pump Circuit (External Capacity)
Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
Thermal Shutdown (TSD)
Over Current Protection (OCP)
Package 24-pin QFN(4mm×4mm)
Package -30 to 85℃

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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