Pre-Driver IC for 3-Phase Brushless Motor

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The AP1050 is a pre-driver for a 3-phase brushless motor with built-in power supplies, which operates motor drive voltage in range of 8V to 36V. It incorporates a step-down DC-DC converter and LDOs to generate the power supply that the motor drive system requires. The bootstrap circuit is embedded and it enables to use N type MOSFET for both low side and high side.

Key Features

Motor Drive Voltage 8V to 36V
DC-DC Buck 10V/500mA, FET, Synchronous Rectification
LDO 3.3V/200mA (External Circuit、and DVDD connected)
Pre-Driver High-side Driver with Bootstrap Circuit
Dead Time Control Function
VGA +17dB to 28dB, 3dB step, 2ch Synchronous Setting
ADC 12bit, 2ch
4-Wire Serial Interface CSB, SCK, SDI, SDO
PWM Cycle Input/Output INT
Protection Function Undervoltage Protection (VIN, VDC, LDOE)
Overvoltage Protection (VIN, VDC, LDOE)
Overcurrent Protection (DC-DC Buck, Pre-driver)
Thermal Shutdown (TSD)
Error Output Pin (ERRB)
Operational Temperature Range -40 to 105°C
Package 48-pin QFN (7 mm×7 mm)
Mass Production 2019 April

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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