Negative Input / Output Voltage LDO Regulator

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Power Management Products
AP1156ADS series is a negative-input negative-output regulator IC using silicon monolithic bipolar structure which can supply 150mA output current. The output voltage can be set from -1.3 to -1.5V, which is trimmed in high accuracy. AP1156ADS is supplied with ON/OFF terminal and noise reduction terminal. The ON/OFF control can be controlled directly with positive logic or CPU. The over current, thermal and reverse bias protections are integrated.

Key Features

 ・Available to use a small 1.0μF ceramic capacitor
 ・Dropout Voltage.                       VDROP=160mV at 100mA
 ・Output Current                          150mA
 ・High Precision output voltage   ±2.0% or ±60mV
 ・Wide operating voltage range   -2.8V to 17.0V
 ・Very low quiescent current       IQUT=155uA at IOUT=0mA
 ・On/Off control (High active)
 ・Built-in  Short circuit protection, thermal shutdown
 ・Built-in  reverse bias over current protection
 ・Available very low noise application
 ・Very small surface mount package      SOT23-5

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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