LED Driver for Brake Lamp (Rear Combination Lamp)

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The AP2036 is a 2channel LED driver for automotive rear combination lamp (RCL) applications.

The current mode DC-DC convertor composed of an internal power MOSFET and high side constant current sources is able to drive a number of LEDs up to a maximum 40V total LED Vf voltage.

Brightness is not dependent on LED Vf voltage, thus it is unnecessary to use expensive LEDs, which have been sorted by their Vf voltage.

The AP2036 DC-DC boost converter achieves low power consumption. The LED high-side constant current sources provide stable LED brightness during battery voltage fluctuations and over current protection when the LED pins are shorted due to dust, coarse particulates or other potential contaminants. The high-side constant current source allows the LED cathode to be connected directly to GND providing better heat dissipation and easier board layout of the LEDs.

Furthermore, the LED brake light and tail light currents can be set independently making the AP2036 applicable for various kinds of RCLs.

The AP2036 features protection against self-damage and prevents overheating and fire hazard.

Key Features

□ Wide supply voltage range 6V to 26V (Absolute Maximum Voltage Rating: 47V)

□ Maximum LED current 150mA (2 channels total)

□ LED current accuracy ±5%

□ Switching frequency 2MHz (fixed)

□ Extensive protection functions

     -Two levels of Thermal protection

         LED current reduction at 120℃

         DC-DC Boost Circuit and Current Sources shut down at 145℃ typ.

     -Over current protection (Coil and Power MOSFET of the boost DC-DC)

     -Over voltage protection (OVP:detection voltage is 43V)

     -UVLO protection monitoring VIN pin

     -Short protection for VOUT pin

     -Short protection for internal LDO output pin.

     -LED pin open protection.

     -LED pin to GND short protection function

     -ISET pins to GND short protection function

□ 16 pin HTSSOP with heat-sink package

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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