max. 100mA/ch, 9-channel RGB LED Driver

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The AP4202 is a 9 channels RGB LED driver. It is able to drive a 100mA at maximum and easily realize unfettered color expression while maintaining the color reproducibility of LED screen for decoration such as amusement equipment. In addition, the AP4202 supports high-speed response for animated expression.

1. Simple Compensation of Color Tone
Each RGB current can be controlled by external resistors and also each channel current can be set in 256 levels corresponding to 256 color gradations. Therefore, the color tone for the application can be compensated easily.

2. Support Video Expression
Since the AP4202 controls LEDs by 8-bit PWM method with 4-wire SCI interface or Serial-F/F cascade in accordance with the LED gradation data (256 levels) that is programmed into the device, LED current can be varied in high-speed. Therefore the AP4202 enables a video expression.

3. Downsizing Printed Circuit Board
It is possible to reduce wirings of the PCB since the AP4202 corresponds to a wide operating voltage range of 4.5V to 5.5V and 8V to 24V, and the voltage on anode side of LEDs can be taken from this power supply line. The 5V outputs generated by the internal LDO can provide 30mA (max.) current thus the AP4202 contributes to reduce the number of parts of the system.

4. Applications
Amusement Equipment, Tablet Devices, Decorative Displays, Vending Machines, etc.

Key Features

1. Operating Temperature range 0~70°C
2. Input Voltage range 8.0V~24.0V、4.5V~5.5V
(Please connect the VIN pin and the VDC1 pin when input voltage is 4.5~5.5V)
3. Absolute Maximum Voltage 30V(VIN、LEDR0~2、LEDG0~2、LEDB0~2)
4. 2 Types of Serial Interface for Setting Lighting Data (Selectable by SCIEN pin)
- 4-wire SCI interface(CSB, SCK, TxD, RxD) (maximum communication clock: 5MHz)
- Serial-F/F cascade (maximum communication clock: 10MHz)
* Both interfaces correspond to 3.3V and 5.0V input signals (output is fixed to 5.0V)
5. LED current (Selectable by DRSET pin)
- Constant Current Output 50mA/ch
- Open Drain Output 100mA/ch
(Each channel current will be less than these values above when all channels are set simultaneously)
6. LED Gradation 8-bit PWM Gradation Method (256 levels)
7. PWM Cycle Built-in PWM Generator, Adjustable PWM Period
8. Simultaneous Lighting-off Function only for SCI interface
9. Protection Function
- Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO)
- Over Current Protection (OCP)
- Thermal Shutdown (TSD)
10. Package 30-pin VSOP

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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