Ultra Low Power Voltage Detector

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In Energy Harvesting power management circuits which convert small energy obtained from the surrounding environment into electric power, it’s necessary to minimize the current consumption. Likewise, quiescent current suppression is very important in cell monitoring circuits and electric storage devices, such as small lithium ion batteries or LIC/EDLC’s used in wearable devices that require long battery life.
A highly accurate CMOS voltage detection IC, the AP4405 integrates a voltage detection circuit and P-FET to control an external device and one N-FET channels, while featuring the world class ultra-low power consumption of 10nA (typ.)

Key Features

・Detection Voltage High Threshold (VDETH): 1.8 to 4.4V
・Detection Voltage Low Threshold (VDETL) : 1.7 to 4.3V
      Channel1 VDETH: 3.6V / VDETL: 3.0V
      Channel2 VDETH: 2.7V / VDETL: 2.5V
      Channel1 VDETH: 2.7V / VDETL: 2.4V
      Channel2 VDETH: 3.7V / VDETL: 3.5V
・Ultra-Low Power Consumption: 10nA (typ.)
・Detection Frequency: ±35mV
・Power Supply: 1.2 to 5.5V
・Response Speed: 0.5ms (max.)
・Operating Temperature Range: -40 ~ 85°C
・Package: 16-pin WLCSP (1.955×1.555mm, 0.4mm pitch)

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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