World's smallest coreless current sensor corresponding to the safty standards.

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CQ-330B is an open-type current sensor using a Hall sensor which outputs the analog voltage proportional to the AC/DC current. Quantum well ultra- thin film InAs (Indium Arsenide) is used as the Hall sensor, which enables the high-accuracy and high-speed current sensing. Coreless surface

Key Features

□ Small-sized surface mount package: VSOP-24
□ High isolation voltage: 3.0kV (50/60Hz, 60sec)
□ Compliant to safety standards of IEC/UL-60950 and UL-508
□ Ultra-fast response time: 0.5μsec (typ.)
□ Low variation and low temperature drift of sensitivity and zero-current output voltage
□ No output hysteresis
□ Low noise output: 1.7mVrms (typ.)
□ Uni-directional type
□ 5V single power supply
□ Ratiometric output
□ Halogen free

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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