Small and high accuracy coreless current sensor supporting operation temperature up to 125°C

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CZ-3815 is an open-type current sensor using Hall sensors, which outputs the analog voltage proportional to the AC/DC current. Group III-V compound semiconductor thin film is used as the Hall sensor, which enables the high-accuracy and high-speed current sensing. Coreless ultra-small surface mount package realizes the space-saving. CZ-3815 can be used up to operating ambient temperature 125°C . Existing coreless current sensors have an accuracy disadvantage from degradations caused by a disturbed magnetic field. CZ-3815 has a built-in stray magnetic field reduction function to suppress this effect.

Key Features

- Operating Ambient Temperature : −40~125°C
- Stray magnetic field reduction
- Maximum Primary Current : 40Arms
- High-accuracy : 0.7%F.S. typ.
- Low variation and low temperature drift of zero-current output voltage : ±3mV typ.
- Low variation and low temperature drift of sensitivity : ±0.9% typ.
- Overcurrent Detection (Programable)
- Small-sized surface mount package
- Quite small primary conductor resistance : 0.3mΩ typ.
- Isolation Voltage : 3.0 kVrms (AC50Hz, 60s)
- Certified with safety standards of IEC/UL60950, UL 1577 (certification pending)
- Fast response time : 2μs typ.
- Ratiometric output
- Operated by 5V single power supply

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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