High accuracy 3.3V coreless current sensor with more than 8mm of creepage / clearance distance

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CZ-3A01 is an open-type current sensor using Hall sensors, which outputs the analog voltage proportional to the AC/DC current. Group III-V semiconductor thin film is used as the Hall sensor, which enables the high-accuracy and high-speed current sensing. Coreless ultra-small surface mount package realizes the space-saving. Also, the low primary conductor resistance suppresses heat generation to achieve the 50Arms continuous current. Existing coreless current sensors have an accuracy disadvantage from degradations caused by a disturbed magnetic field. The CZ-3A0x series has a built-in stray magnetic field reduction function to suppress this effect. The CZ-3A0x series also has dual overcurrent detection function. The CZ-3A0x series is UL 61800-5-1 safety compliant, which is an excellent fit for industrial AC drives, servo motors, etc. The CZ-3A0x series is also an excellent fit to input the sensor signal into a 3.3V AD converter. The CZ-3A0x series has a large variety of linear measurement ranges, from ±12.9A (CZ-3A01), to ±129.1A, (CZ-3A07). This enables designers to use the same board design across different current rating products.

Key Features

□ Compliant with safety standard of UL61800-5-1 (Clearance, Creepage distance 8.0mm)  

□ Certified with safety standards of UL-1577 and IEC/UL60950-1

□ 3.3V Output

□ Maximum Primary Current : 50Arms

□ High-accuracy : 0.4%F.S.(Ta=3585°C Typ.)

□ Quite small primary conductor resistance : 0.27mΩ Typ.

□ Stray magnetic field reduction function

□ Small-sized surface mount package12.7mm×10.9mm×2.25mm 

□ Dual overcurrent detection function (Adjustable overcurrent detection thresholds)

□ Isolation Voltage3.0kVrmsAC50Hz60s

□ Non-ratiometric output

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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