10bit Angle Sensor

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EM3242 outputs analogue voltage proportionate to the angle, by the processing the Hall output which can be obtained from the plural Hall Elements formed on the silicon chip. Just by pairing the small magnet and EM3242, you can make up the contact-less angle sensor function which corresponds to 360degrees angle range. There are no particular restrictions on the magnet which fits together with EM-3242, and there is few change in the output voltage level or in the angle errors due to the temperature dependence of the magnet.

Key Features

 ■ Rotation Angle Sensor Device with Hall Element Inside 

 ■ Contact-less angle sensor function can be realized by small magnet and EM-3242

 ■ Extremely small temperature drift 

 ■ Small package

 ■ 3V single power supply

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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