Programmable Linear Hall ICs for highly accuracy position detection.

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EQ0321  is linear hall IC using the state-of-the-art Hall sensing technology

and signal-processing algorithm for highly accuracy position detection.

It is suitable for position detection of lens for optical image stabilization /

autofocus / zoom .

Key Features

 ■ Suitable for high accuracy position detect application

 ■ Algorithm canceling Hall sensor / magnet thermal characteristic.
 ■ Enable to adjust output gain / neutral voltage via serial interface.
 ■ Power down function(Stand-by current consumption Typ:1nA)
 ■ Low current consumption

 ■ VDD:2.7~5.5V
 ■ Small package;10pinSON (2.9×3.2×t0.6mm)
 ■ Operating temperature;-30℃~85℃

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