2-axis Linear hall IC

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EQ0441 is 2-axis linear Hall IC for magnetic pointing device. It is

possible to make "Highly operable input device" that can emulate certain

human senses when it is used with small magnet.

Key Features

 ■ Hall IC for magnetic type analog pointing device control, consisting of

     four High Sensitive Hall Elements and processing circuit.

 ■ 20-pin thin small outline package.

 ■ Integrated 8bit ADC -- X-Y location codes being given through serial I/F

 ■ Ultra low power consumption by power down function (Typ.6μA @Ext.clock mode).

 ■ Operational at External and internal clock modes.

 ■ Issuing INT signal when pointer moves over programmed distance.

 ■ Programmable sensitivity for matching dimension, position and material of the magnet

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

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