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Product Overview

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The AK8125A is a spread spectrum clock generator designed for general purpose EMI elimination. The device uses the AKM’s original spread spectrum profile to provide excellent EMI reduction effect without degradation of system performance. The device is available in a very small 10-pin TMSOP package, and its pin configuration offers simple PCB layout.

Key Features

□Input Frequency:

 - Crystal: 6.1-36MHz

 - External: 6.1- 49.92MHz

□Configurable Spread Spectrum Modulation:

 - Modulation Ratio:

  -0.25%,-0.5%,-1.5%, -3.0%

   ±0.125%,±0.25%,±0.75%, ±1.5%

 - Modulation Frequency

  Around 30KHz

□Low Jitter Performance:

   300 psec (peak) Cycle to Cycle Jitter 

   600 psec(p-p non-SS)  long term

□Low Current Consumption:

   6.5mA typ.

□Supply Voltage:

   3.0 – 3.6V

□Operating Temperature Range:

   -40 to +85℃


   10-pin TMSOP

   Lead Free & Halogen Free

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Technical Information

  • Inquiry
  • Evaluation Board Manual
  • Data Sheet

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