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Product Overview

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The AK8126A is a spread spectrum clock generator designed for Home AV applications where EMI elimination is seriously required. The device uses the AKEMD’s original spread spectrum profile** to provide excellent EMI reduction effect without degradation of system performance. The AK8126A accepts a wide clock frequency range from a crystal or reference clock input, and provides a variable spread spectrum modulation selectable by pin-setting, allowing the device to use in most AV products easily. The device is available in a very small 10-pin TMSOP package, and its pin configuration offers simple PCB layout.

Key Features

□Output Frequency Range:

   22.5MHz – 32MHz,

   45 MHz – 64MHz

   90MHz – 128MHz

□Configurable Spread Spectrum Modulation:

 - AKEMD’s Original Spread Spectrum Profile

 - Modulation Ratio:

   Center Spread:

   ±0.25%, ±0.5%, ±1.0%, ±1.5%

   Down Spread:

   -0.5%, -1.0%, -2.0%, -3.0%

 - Modulation Frequency:

   27.04KHz – 38.46KHz

  * 30.05KHz at 100MHz

□Input Frequency Range:

 - Crystal: 22.5MHz – 32MHz

 - Reference Clock Input : 22.5MHz – 32MHz

             45MHz – 64MHz

             90MHz – 128MHz

□Low Jitter Performance:

   100 ps (Max.) Cycle-to-cycle 1

□Low Current Consumption:

   4.5mA (Typ.) at 100MHz, 3.3V

□Supply Voltage:

   3.0 – 3.6V

□Operating Temperature Range:

   -10 to +85℃


   10-pin TMSOP (Thin Miniature SOP )

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Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Technical Information

  • Inquiry
  • Evaluation Board Manual
  • Data Sheet

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