The AKM angle sensor is composed of hall elements with integrated circuit in single die.  This sensor enables the measurement of magnetic fields in parallel to the chip surface and can detect the absolute angle of a magnetic field over the full range between 0 and 360 degrees with high angular accuracy and resolution.
This sensor is non-contact angle sensor which is suitable for consumer, industrial and automotive application, the simple composition which consists of small magnet and this sensor can be used.



Angle Sensors

14bit rotation angle sensor with support for Off-Axis configuration (in development)

● An angular accuracy of ±0.1deg(typ.) can be achieved, even in the Off-Axis configuration

The AK7454 is an absolute magnetic rotation angle sensor IC in small package with support for Off-Axis configuration.

This configuration enhances the design flexibility and helps to make the motor system thinner and allows for a hollow-shaft design.

By built-in angle error calibration function to reduce 1st to 4th order error components, angular accuracy ±0.1deg(typ.) can be realized in both Shaft-End and Off-Axis configurations.


14-bit angular error calibratable rotary angle sensor

The AK7452 integrates an advanced user calibration function, enabling it to correct angular errors caused by mounting misalignment, magnet characteristics, etc.
The capability of ABZ phase output resolution any setting from 1 to 4096 types enhances motor control usability even in DC brushless motors or stepping motors.

● Supporting programmable ABZ/UVW output

A zero point setting can set any angular position to 0 degree.  Rotation direction, resolution of ABZ output, (1 to 4096), and number of pulses of UVW output (1 to 32), can be programmed to the internal EEPROM.


ABZ/UVW phase adjustable rotary angle sensor

The AK7451 is able to output up to eight-pole UVW phase that improves versatility, realizing rotor position detection in DC brushless motor-driven operation without Hall ICs installation.  The expansion of ABZ phase output resolution setting from 4 to 16 types enhances motor control usability.  These key features enable to use for more various types of industrial equipment motors than conventional products.
● Easy installation of a contactless rotary sensor with diametrically magnetized mono-pole magnets
● Supporting High-speed rotational operation
● Programmable ABZ/UVW phase output


12-bit rotary angle sensor
AK7401, AK7405 / AK7405A

The AK740X products family comprises, there is a lineup of 12-bit rotary angle sensor AK7401 with serial / PWM output and 12-bit high-speed rotary angle sensor AK7405 / AK7405A with serial / ABZ output.

The AK7401 and AK7405A are automotive compatible products.

AK7405 / AK7405A are suitable for high speed rotation angle detection for motor control applications.

Selection Table

Part# Data
Description-Digest Oper.
Package I/F Power
Angle Error

V bit
AK7401Yes12bit Rotary Angle Sensor-40 to 1508-SOPSerial, PWM4.0 to 5.512
AK7405YesHigh Speed 12bit Rotary Angle Sensor-40 to 15020-SSOPSerial, ABZ4.5 to 5.512
AK7451ABZ/UVW phase adjustable 12bit Rotary Angle Sensor -40 to 12516-SOPSerial, ABZ, UVW4.5 to 5.512
AK7452High accuracy absolute Magnetic Rotary Angle Sensor -40 to 12516-TSSOPSerial, ABZ, UVW3.0 to 5.514Available *Shaft-End
High accuracy angle sensor for Shaft-End and Off-Axis configuration -40 to 12524-QFNSerial, ABZ, UVW3.0 to 5.5 14Available *Off-Axis, Shaft-End
EM324210bit Angle Sensor-30 to 856-SOPAnalog2.7 to 3.310

 ■ Design of magnet for angle sensors

 ■ Effect of magnet desplacement


■ Automotive
Wiper motor control, Headlamp position control, Seat position motor, Side mirror control

■ Consumer
Compact absolute rotary encoder, Compact input device (mode selector, control volume)
Substitute for potentiometer, Rotary switch

 ■ Automotive

         Pedal position sensor, Steering angle sensor, Valve position  

         Sensor,Headlamp position control, seat position motor, Side    

         mirror , Electric power steering  , Fuel level sensor , Main / 

         Sub motor control

 ■ Consumer

     Compact absolute rotary encoder ,Compact input device (mode selector, control volume) 
     Substitute for potentiometer
     Rotary switch

Under construction

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