Magnetic Linear and Angular Position Sensor ICs

As a leading supplier of Magnetic Sensors AKM employ compound semiconductor or silicon as the sensor part depending on intended use.

AKM provides non-contact digital position sensor ICs that requires less external parts.
The AK87xx series are single chip solution for detecting direction and pulse of the rotating body without considering the range of magnetization or the number of magnetic poles.  Simply called the One Chip Encoder and highly regarded by many as the answer to low cost assembly.
The AK74xx series are angle sensors with exceptional characteristics of high sensitivity and high tolerance to position gaps.  For example, the AK7405A has 12bit resolution with ability to detect up to 23,000rpm (without Prediction) making the part one of the best solutions for detecting high-speed rotations.


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Part# Description-Digest Data
AK740112bit Rotary Angle Sensor
AK7405High Speed 12bit Rotary Angle Sensor
AK8777BOnechip Encoder
AK8778BOnechip Encoder
Onechip Encoder
Onechip Encoder
Under construction


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