As a leading supplier of Magnetic Sensors AKM employ compound semiconductor or silicon as the sensor part depending on intended use.  AKM Magnetic Sensors are also used in current sensors for Inverter/BMS inside HEV/EV making its contribution for better fuel efficiency and environment.

The EG230L is a Programmable Linear Hall IC made of compound semiconductor with exceptional characteristics of short response time, low noise and low offset drift making it a perfect solution for current sensors in HEV Inverters.

*AKM does not show full automotive product portfolio or products under development on this website.
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Part# Description-Digest Data
EG-230LProgrammable Linear Hall ICs with Fast Response, Automotive Qualified.
HG-116SExcellent thermal characteristic Hall Elements
HG-302CExcellent thermal characteristic Hall Elements
HG-302SExcellent thermal characteristic Hall Elements
Under construction


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