TV Sound Encoders/Decoders

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The AK414X series is a sound multiplex decoder/encoder for digital TVs/STBs. Encoding/decoding by a newly developed digital technology, the AK414X series does not need many external components that were necessary with traditional analog decoders/encoders. In addition, they have good performance in characteristics without any adjustment, eliminating the need for alignments on the factory shipment.

AK4145: Digital BTSC Encoder

The AK4145 is an integrated alignment-free digital BTSC stereo encoder for television markets including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Taiwan. This device is ideal for BTSC applications including digital set-top boxes, digital video recorders, and RF modulator converter boxes. The AK4145 outputs audio signal as a baseband composite (MPX) audio signal, which includes L+R, L-R, and a Pilot signal by BTSC encoding. It supports video/27MHz input for synchronization of the Pilot signal and video system signals.

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