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There is increasing demand for a sensing function to monitor an object’s status in remote locations as IoT products are expected to grow in the market.
AKM has developed the AK09970N, a 3D magnetic sensor that is able to detect magnetic signals in X, Y, and, Z directions. The AK09970N supports wide measurement range with high resolution in 3D detection and captures magnetic fields in 3-dimensions.
With these abilities, it is great device for controlling the direction of security cameras and connected home, (smart home, smart house), smart locks, along with door and window open/close detection.



3D Magnetic Sensor IC
with Digital Output

● Wide Measurement Range & High Resolution

The AK09970N has a high sensitivity setting of 36mT on 3-axes.  It is able to measure a wide range of magnetic field from microtesla to millitesla such as from geomagnetic to a magnet since it has high measurement resolution of 1.1µT/LSB in high sensitivity mode. In addition, wide range setting of 101mT can be achieved via the Z axis. (Refer to the Specification Table)

● Low-power Consumption when Battery Life is Critical

The AK09970N can operate using only a few µA, thus consuming a very low current that satisfies a demand of IoT products, (Refer to the Specification Table). It contributes to a long battery life of a product that needs constant acquisition of sensor data to monitor an object’s status.

● Magnetic Field Output (Digital)/ Data Ready Alert (DRDY bit)

The AK09970N measures magnetic field on all 3-axes via intermittent drive and outputs the result as digital data, (supporting I2C/SPI communications). It outputs a Data Ready alert to the dedicated register when the measurement data is updated. (0.25/0.5/1/10/20/15/100Hz interval modes or single measurement mode is selectable for intermittent drive options.)

● Magnetic Event Interrupt Function

The AK09970N has magnetic event interrupt pins. Two thresholds can be programmed for each axis, (setting the resolution equal to the measuring resolution). When a magnetic field that exceeds the threshold is sent, the AK09970N outputs a “Magnetic Event” interrupt to registers or external output pins. The magnetic event that causes an interrupt output that can be selected freely by setting a register. (Data Ready alert mentioned in 3 can also be output from an interrupt pin). Two interrupt pins are available for magnetic event: the INT pin for push-pull output and the ODIN pin for open-drain output. Therefore, the output format can be selected depending on the customer’s product.


3D Magnetic Sensor IC with Digital Output
Magnetic sensitivity1.1μT/LSB
Measurement rangeX,Y,Z ±36mT
Idd average1.0μA@1Hz
Output bit16-bit
Output pinInterrupt pin (CMOS/Open Drain)
Power supply1.7 ~ 3.6V
Package16-pin QFN (3.0×3.0×0.75 mm)

Block Diagram

Block Diagram: AK09970N

Design Support

Design Support

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3D Magnetic Sensor

IoT, Security Applications, (Door, Window open/close detection), Monitoring Applications for Factory Equipment, etc.

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