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There is increasing demand for a sensing function to monitor an object’s status in remote locations as IoT products are expected to grow in the market.
AKM has developed the AK09970N, a 3D magnetic sensor that is able to detect magnetic signals in X, Y, and, Z directions. The AK09970N supports wide measurement range with high resolution in 3D detection and captures magnetic fields in 3-dimensions.
With these abilities, it is great device for controlling the direction of security cameras and connected home, (smart home, smart house), smart locks, along with door and window open/close detection.



NEW  AK09940 (In Development)
High Precision 3D Magnetic Sensor

AK09940 Conventional 3-axis magnetic sensors have been used for position tracking applications. However, there are cases when sufficient performance is not possible due to magnetic field noise. World class ultra-low noise 3-axis sensing from the AK09940 resolves this problem, increasing magnetic position tracking accuracy for AR and VR.
The AK09940 is ideal for magnetic particle testing and metal contamination detection with triaxial magnetic measuring, which measures wet field, small changes, and distortion in magnetic-fields with high precision. In addition, the AK09940 has very low power consumption current suitable for triaxial measurement in wearable and IoT devices with small batteries.

3D Magnetic Sensor IC with Digital Output

● Wide Measurement Range & High Resolution

The AK09970N has a high sensitivity setting of 36mT on 3-axis.  It is able to measure a wide range of magnetic field from microtesla to millitesla such as from geomagnetic to a magnet since it has high measurement resolution of 1.1µT/LSB in high sensitivity mode. In addition, wide range setting of 101mT can be achieved via the Z axis. (Refer to the Specification Table)

● Low-power Consumption when Battery Life is Critical

The AK09970N can operate using only a few µA, thus consuming a very low current that satisfies a demand of IoT products, (Refer to the Specification Table). It contributes to a long battery life of a product that needs constant acquisition of sensor data to monitor an object’s status.

● Magnetic Field Output (Digital)/ Data Ready Alert (DRDY bit)

The AK09970N measures magnetic field on all 3-axis via intermittent drive and outputs the result as digital data, (supporting I2C/SPI communications). It outputs a Data Ready alert to the dedicated register when the measurement data is updated. (0.25/0.5/1/10/20/15/100Hz interval modes or single measurement mode is selectable for intermittent drive options.)

● Magnetic Event Interrupt Function

The AK09970N has magnetic event interrupt pins. Two thresholds can be programmed for each axis, (setting the resolution equal to the measuring resolution). When a magnetic field that exceeds the threshold is sent, the AK09970N outputs a “Magnetic Event” interrupt to registers or external output pins. The magnetic event that causes an interrupt output that can be selected freely by setting a register. (Data Ready alert mentioned in 3 can also be output from an interrupt pin). Two interrupt pins are available for magnetic event: the INT pin for push-pull output and the ODIN pin for open-drain output. Therefore, the output format can be selected depending on the customer’s product.


3D Magnetic Sensor IC with Digital Output
Magnetic sensitivity1.1μT/LSB
Measurement rangeX,Y,Z ±36mT
Idd average1.0μA@1Hz
Output bit16-bit
Output pinInterrupt pin (CMOS/Open Drain)
Power supply1.7 ~ 3.6V
Package16-pin QFN (3.0×3.0×0.75 mm)

Block Diagram

Block Diagram: AK09970N



3D Magnetic Sensor

IoT, Security Applications, (Door, Window open/close detection), Monitoring Applications for Factory Equipment, etc.

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