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Optan (UVC LED)


Optan UVC LEDs from Crystal IS offer industry leading light output, reliability, and spectral quality in a T0-39 package. Available in peak wavelengths from 250 nm- 280 nm and light output bins from 0.5 mW-4 mW, these LEDs provide tremendous value for spectroscopic applications in analytical and life science instrumentation.

Important notice

UVC LED products are manufactured and managed by Crystal IS and is responsible for product quality management. AKM is responsible for distribution and technical support for our customers.

Part# Data
Peak wavelength
Peak wavelength
Peak wavelength
Optical output
at 100mA(Min)
Optical output
at 100mA(Max)
Forward voltage
at 100mA
View angle
    nm nm nm mW mW V °  
OPTAN250H2452502550.51.01015TO39 with ball lens
OPTAN250J2452502551.01015TO39 with ball lens
OPTAN255H2502552600.51.01015TO39 with ball lens
OPTAN255J2502552601.01015TO39 with ball lens
OPTAN260H2552602650.51.01015TO39 with ball lens
OPTAN260J2552602651.01015TO39 with ball lens
OPTAN275H2702850.51.01015TO39 with ball lens
OPTAN275J2702752801.02.01015TO39 with ball lens
OPTAN275K2702752802.03.01015TO39 with ball lens
OPTAN275L2702752803.01015TO39 with ball lens
OPTAN280J2752802851.02.01015TO39 with ball lens
OPTAN280K2752802852.03.01015TO39 with ball lens
OPTAN280L2752802853.01015TO39 with ball lens


 • Ideal for applications in life sciences and environmental monitoring
 • Available in peak wavelengths from 250nm to 280nm
 • Industry leading light output available in bins from 0.5mW to 4mW
 • Excellent spectral quality
 • Typical lifetime of 3000 hours at maximum drive current
 • Viewing angle of 15°
 • Maximum drive current of 100mA in continuous mode


  • Life Sciences
    o DNA Purity and Concentration Measurement
    o Protein Research
    o HPLC

 Application Note [Life Sciences]

 • Environmental Monitoring
    o Ozone Monitoring
    o Water Quality Monitoring
    o Oil in Water Monitoring

 Application Note [Environmental Monitoring]

Who’s Crystal IS?

Crystal IS, Inc., an Asahi Kasei company, is an innovative U.S.-based manufacturer of proprietary, high performance ultraviolet (UV) LEDs. Their products are well-suited for applications in purification and sterilization, including industrial and point-of –use (POU) water purification. Their deep UV LEDs are also used in scientific and industrial instruments to measure the purity of water, air, and biological samples.

The breakthrough performance of these LEDs is made possible by Crystal IS’ low defect destiny, single crystal aluminium nitride (AlN) substrates and their proprietary-technology for crystal growth and LED fabrication. This results in higher powers and longer lifetimes of Crystal IS deep UV LEDs.

Crystal IS corporate website: http://www.cisuvc.com/


 • Is there a minimum order quantity?  Can we buy 1 pcs as MP?
     For MP shipping of Optan, Minimum Order Quantity is 10pcs.
     For samples, Minimum Order Quantity is 1pcs.

 • Are there any safety considerations when working with UVC LEDs?
     Yes. UVC light may be harmful to the eyes and skin, thus proper safety precautions must be taken to limit exposure. In addition,
     ESD should be considered when you handle our products.
     [Environmental Health and Safety for Crystal IS UVC Diodes]

 • Is Crystal IS a subsidiary of AKM?
     No, Crystal IS is not a subsidiary of AKM. Both Crystal IS and AKM are subsidiaries of Asahi Kasei Corporation.
     AKM provides sales, distribution and technical support of Crystal IS products in Japan and East Asia.
     For sales and support in US and Europe, please contact Crystal IS.

 • Do you offer a surface mount package?
     For inquiries on SMD LEDs, please contact us.


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