Product Status

Product Status Information

There are 6 phases below in AKM Product Life Cycle.

No. Product Status Definition Notes
1 Under development Product which is under development and planned to be released.
In some cases samples for evaluation are available.

2 In mass production Product in mass production and purchase order is acceptable.
3 Recommended for new design
Product recommended for new design - new products, e.g. * RND:
Recommend for New Design
4 Not recommended for new design
Product not recommended for new design due to the reasons in the remarks column.
*Next generation product is/will be released.
*No plan for sales expansion.
*Discontinuation is planned.
Not Recommend for New Design
5 To be discontinued Product which PDN (Product Discontinuation Notice) is issued and LTB quantity is under discussion. Basically discontinuation will be indicated as “to be discontinued” in product status on this website 24 months in advance.
6 End of life
Product which 12 months passed after PDN and no LTB order is available.

Latest product status

Product status is updated regularly on the website.
Please contact your local distributor, AKM local offices, or “contact form” on this website for the latest information.

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