Quality & Reliability

Quality Policy

Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) adopts the following policy and system about the quality and reliability assurance by providing customer-satisfied products and quality supports.

In the quality policy below, we have clarified our commitment and determination to put efforts into activities that are considerate to quality and to the environment.

● It shall be – our mission to create new value for our customers at all times that provides competitive differentiation
● It shall be – our responsibility to provide worldwide customers with products conforming to statutory and regulatory, as well as customer requirements
● It shall be – our action to consider quality and environment for every job, and to make continual improvements among personnel – from site workers to top management

Reliability / Quality Assurance System

AKM has integrated reliability assurance techniques, continual improvement with PDCA cycles, problem solving methodology, validation and analysis techniques based on the quality management system of ISO international standards in order to meet the customer satisfactions.
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