Automotive Quality Program

Automotive Products

Quality Policy for automotive application

With products for use in automotive applications, AKM takes their application and usage environment into account and considers how to secure safety as we design products and manufacturing processes.

We aim for stable supply of zero-defect products over the long-term, and carry out quality control and continual improvements.
Products for automotive applications are developed and produced under management which complies with ISO/TS 16949. We also consider any additional (AEC-Q100, Q101) requests from customers.

AKM’s APQP Activities

APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) is one of the methods required in the automotive industry for product quality planning and management planning. These activities are implemented from the product planning stage so that defective products are not produced.
At the time of product development, the Quality Assurance Center judges the quality target level necessary for the APQP activities in accordance with risk management for each project. The proposed projects are followed by the Quality Assurance Center until the desired level of production stability is confirmed.

When the stability of production has been confirmed, management using APQP activities is completed. (Figure below)

APQP Activities

Zero Defects Manufacturing

AKM has introduced the following innovative activities, in order to achieve high quality and zero defects:
- Process control and quality control activities using statistical methods
- Facility maintenance
- Inspection methods to remove latent defects

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