Quality Management System

Product Realization

Management System throughout the Product Life

AKM manages every stage of a product’s life, from its planning, throughout production, and up to the end of life, as shown in Figure below. Approval is performed when proceeding to the next stage and we ensure that the product requirements are satisfied and that customers are satisfied.
In the product realization system shown in the Figure, the Quality Assurance Center is involved in the investigations and approvals at each stage to ensure validation.

Change Control

Changes which have an effect on quality and reliability require evaluation, verification, and validation. AKM established rules for change control based on JESD46D “Customer Notification of Product/Process Changes by Solid-State Suppliers” and other standards. For any changes that involve a specification change, and for changes that have an effect on the product reliability, the customer is notified in order to provide an adequate period of time for the customer to evaluate and respond to the change.Changes which have an effect on quality and reliability require evaluation, verification, and validation.
Table below illustrates examples of changes subject to change control at AKM. Flow chart below shows the procedure for change control.

Purchasing Control

(1) General

When the purchasing department procures raw materials, services and others, it evaluates their quality and performance. In order to maintain a consistent supply chain at both AKM and at our customers, AKM recommends the acquisition of ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certification for our suppliers.
The evaluations also include consideration of the environment and of the materials contained. When necessary, AKM requires and checks the certificates to prove that particular materials are not contained or are not used, the handling of environmentally hazardous substances and green procurement.

(2) Management of Subcontractors

When subcontracting part of the manufacturing process, AKM establishes a system of conformity based on the specifications agreed between AKM and the subcontractor to promote the maintenance and improvement of the quality of the subcontractor’s performance through continuous evaluations and verification.
Figure below indicates the activities carried out by AKM to manage subcontractors.

Production Control System

AKM performs production control aided by a CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) system to ensure traceability at the lot level. By performing delivery management using this system, we aim to make detailed adjustments to the product processing speed for each product in order to meet the delivery date requirements of each customer.

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