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Video #06

Tri-axis magnetic sensor, AK0997x is the most suitable sensor for measuring strong magnetic fields in magnets.

The magnetic sensitivity in the three axes makes it easy to detect which direction the magnetic field is being applied to the sensor. 

It also has a flexible switch function, enabling a non-contact 3D motion switch controller.

The non-contact detection makes it easy to waterproof and dustproof the products with high durability.

In this demo video, we show you that the controller, the detection mechanism, proposed application and the demo kit.




  • This is a demonstration of playing sound using a cube-shaped non-contact controller.
  • You can control the sound intuitively by approaching and detaching the palm of your hand with the ring on each side of the cube.



  • 3D magnetic sensor detects the magnetic field emanating from the magnet ring.
  • The MCU analyzes the detection data and sends various commands via BLE according to the direction and strength of the magnetic field.
  • The music software receiving the command is enabling various effects.
  • The 3D magnetic sensor AK0997x is capable of detecting 3D magnetic fields on the order of "mT".
  • The switching function using a variable threshold can also be utilized.



  • Music controller for DJs
  • A light fixture that can be dimmed by simply placing a hand over it
  • Effective for simple detection of fingertip gestures.



  • 3D magnetic sensor/BLE/MCU/Battery/Ring (magnet) is provided.
  • The sensor is set so that it comes to the center of the cube.
  • Attach a ring with a magnet attached to the palm side of your hand to your finger.
  • Caress the cube with the ring and music will be played.
  • If you stroke it again, the music will stop.
  • Different functions are set on each side of the cube.
  • The sound effect can be turned on/off, tempo up/down, and key up/dow by holding the ring close to the surface or sitting on it.
  • Of course, if you use the software, the function can be freely assigned.

[Note] AK09973 is recommended instead of AK09970.


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