Wireless Communication

For 30 years, AKM has been offering a wealth of wireless products based on the concept of smaller, low power consumption, and more user-friendly. Wireless LSIs have been used by the world's leading customers for many years. We will continue to provide leading-edge technologies and stable-quality LSIs, which are required in the times, as a wireless Leading LSI company.

Radio System

Issue & Solution

Since AKM's wireless products are diversified into a lineup that can handle radio frequencies and systems.

It is used as a radio for business use in various places such as disaster prevention, fire fighting, security, transportation, taxis, large stores, factories, hotels, and events. Professional radios are independent systems that do not use mobile phone equipment and can be used directly as transceivers in narrow areas. This is a wireless system that can operate independently in the event of a disaster. In addition to professional radios, it can also be used for amateur radios, wireless microphones, factory tours, and wireless guide systems used for tourist guides.

Refer to the configuration example according to the application and purpose.