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AKM releases AK8781, the smallest ever latch-type Hall IC with 60% smaller package size than its conventional product



Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has released the AK8781, an ultra-small package latch-type Hall IC suitable for small DC brushless (BL) motors. This is the smallest class* latch-type Hall IC in the industry and AKM's smallest size ever. It features a small package, fast response time and high temperature operation, contributing to the micro-miniaturization and high efficiency of DCBL motors.

This ultra-small WL-CSP package reduces the packaging size by 60% compared to the conventional product AK8771, and can also be mounted on small DCBL motors of 10mmφ or less, which are used for robotic joints of consumer products and industrial equipment.

* As of May 2020, AKM survey



60% reduction in package size compared to conventional products

4-pin WL-CSP package with AKM's smallest size ever 0.76mm x 0.76mm as latch-type Hall ICs.
The area is further reduced from the 4-pin SON (1.1mm x 1.4mm) of the conventional AK8771.

Fast response time

The AK8781 has fast response capability, so that it can detect high-speed rotation as fast as 95,000r/min*.
* Example: 4 rotor poles and phase delay within 5° of the electric angle

Support high temperature operation

The operating temperature range of the AK8781 has been expanded from -30 to 85°C of the conventional product AK8771 to -40 to 125°C.
This product can be used safely not only in the industrial machinery field but also in small DCBL motors that do not dissipate heat easily.



  • Small DCBL motors