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CQ36 Series

Supports downsizing of systems by reducing the mounting size by 20% compared to the existing technology.

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Recommended for

Recommended for

・Detecting the accurate current within limited space.

・Detecting high-voltage current while minimizing heat generation.

・Digital output for current detection.

The CQ36 Series is suitable for applications requiring small size, low heat generation, and insulation. Specifically, it can be used as an alternative to a shunt + isolated ADC.

Benefits of the CQ36 Series

Contribution to system minimization

Contribution to system minimization  

Simplification of heat generation measures

Simplification of heat generation measures  

Contribution to precise system control (ENOB 12-14bit)

Contribution to precise system control
(ENOB 12-14bit)

CQ36 Series of Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) is a digital output current sensor IC with a Delta-Sigma modulator. It utilizes Hall elements made of III-V compound semiconductors, achieving the accuracy comparable to a current detection solution using a shunt resistor and isolated ADC. This results in reduced component count, smaller package size, and lower heat generation, contributing to the miniaturization of industrial equipment systems.


By integrating the current sensor and Delta-Sigma modulator into a single chip, the required peripheral components are reduced to the minimum, contributing to system downsizing. Additionally, the CQ36 Series is extremely thin compared to cement resistors, allowing for reflow installation and increased layout flexibility.

By utilizing III-V compound semiconductors, the CQ36 Series achieves ENOB: 12-14bit, providing high resolution comparable to current sensors that use a shunt resistor.

Its unique packaging development enables a low primary resistance of "0.27mΩ." This significantly suppresses the heat generation during the current application compared to the shunt resistors and similar products, allowing for continuous current flow up to 60Arms.

Through unique packaging development, surface distance and spacing of ≥ 8mm are achieved.

With a working voltage exceeding 550Vrms, it can be used in reinforced insulation for 400V systems.

CQ36 Series CQ36 Series

Key Characteristics

Series   CQ36 Series
Current sensor type   Coreless Current Sensor IC :
Package size [mm] 12.7 x 10.9 x 2.25
Package Type (Mounting style)   (Small-sized)
surface mount package (SMD)
Power Supply Voltage [V] AVDD : 4.5 to 5.5
DVDD : 3.0 to 3.6
Operating Temperature [℃] -40 to 125
Maximum Primary
[Arms] 60
Creepage / Clearance
Distance (min.)
[mm] 8.0
Primary conductor
resistance (Typ.)
[mΩ] 0.27
Isolation Voltage [kVrms] 5.0
(AC50Hz, 60s)
Safety Standards   IEC/UL62368-1 certification pending
UL1577 certification pending
block diagram cq36 series Block Diagram

CQ360x, CQ362x Series

CQ360x, CQ362x series external circuit

ΣΔ modulator operates with a clock from the MCU (Micro Controller Unit).



CQ361x, CQ363x Series

CQ361x, CQ363x series external circuit

ΣΔ modulator supplies the operating clock to the MCU.




Industrial robots, collaborative robots

Industrial robots, collaborative robots

AC servo motors

AC servo motors

Why AKM is chosen

Unique technology

Unique technology

40 years of history and achievements

40 years of history and achievements

Support system

Support system

The Coreless Current Sensor IC of Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) adopts Hall elements cultivated over 40 years of research and development. These Hall elements have been produced over 1 billion units annually and supplied to customers worldwide. These extensive experience and track records are also reflected in our unique current sensor package technology and ASIC technology. As a result, AKM's current sensor "Currentier" overcomes the challenge of low resolution that is a drawback of typical coreless current sensor ICs.

Furthermore, AKM has established a support system with technical staff stationed worldwide, allowing customers to receive specialized support anywhere. The reason AKM's current sensor is chosen is not only for its excellent product performance. With over 40 years of research and development history, proven track records of supplying high-quality products, and a globally deployed support system, AKM provides customers with trust and peace of mind.

Through these long-standing efforts and achievements, we hope you can feel the attraction of AKM's Coreless Current Sensor. AKM's current sensor continues to grow with technological advancements, and we will continue to provide products that exceed customer expectations.

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