Automotive Voice Solution


Comfortable Cabin

AKM provides a natural and smooth conversation environment in the vehicle. AKM's algorithms, such as echo and noise cancelation are industry proven voice processing technologies that have been developed from our years of experience developing hands-free phone algorithms for automobiles.

In-Car Communication

In-Car Communication by DSP for Audio and Voice

For stress-free conversation during driving


Improving uncomfortable loud conversation when driving or playing music


Implement expanded EC/NC software with 15 years of experience in voice DSP


Realize comfortable conversation when driving or playing music

In-Car Communication


Existing Solution…

Unsafe driving position! Unsafe driving position!

● Unnatural conversation due to long system delay time

● Need to switch the hands-free setting between Idling and Driving

● Communication in high volume is not available due to feedback / howling

● All other sound sources must be stopped to reduce echo

AKM In-Car Communication Solution

Enjoy driving safely! Enjoy driving safely!

● Natural conversation with low latency DSP (no echo)

● Auto volume control function: no change in setting require

● Howling cancelling technology: higher volume is achieved

● Audio signal and Navigation prompts can run in parallel

● Quick and easy switching between ICC / HF/ Audio

One-Directional ICC One-Directional ICC
Bi-Directional ICC Bi-Directional ICC

Voice Control

Stand-alone Voice Command with high robustness

Enable stand-alone voice control


Improving internet connection dependence, Insecure security, and slow response


Implement compact voice recognition software that is proven in car applications in a voice DSP


Voice control with high security and fast response without internet connection

Voice Control


AKM’s Voice Wake up (trigger word) is available anytime even when listening to music !

● No start button needed (Voice trigger wake-up)
● High hit-rate even under car environmental noise / music
● Quick response without any network connection
● Registered words are recognized only by registrants

Unspecified speaker (Pre-install)

Unspecified speaker (Pre-install)

Specified speaker (User registration) (The recognition level of specific speaker can be changed)

Specified speaker (User registration)

The recognition level of specific speaker can be changed

Hands-free Talk

High Quality Hands-free Talk

Over 15 years of experience as a major supplier of Hands-free solutions for global automotive manufactures

Natural Voice Volume and Comfortable Conversation during Driving


Reducing Miscommunication due to Noise and Echo


Super Wideband / Hands-free Voice Processor


Clear and Smooth Communication

Hands-free Talk image


VoIP / DCM / eーCall... For various voice communication applications


Utmost priority of natural sound voice quality

Suppress / cancel environmental noise and echo while maintaining voice quality


Fast convergence characteristics
Rapid convergence provides no difference even on environmental changes

Adapt to echo changes of inside the car quickly to achieve excellent double talk

Hands-free generation

TCU / Emergency Call

Telematics control unit (TCU)

Emergency Call System (eCall)

Voice Processor for Automotive TCU and eCall

Hands free call for an emergency call is realized with AKM's voice processors with 15 years’ experience

GOST, P.1140 (UN-R144) compliant


Low cost and small size, satisfying HF STD for TCU


Implement HF software with 15 years experience in voice DSP


Realize a HF system for eCall which is low in cost and standard-compliant

TCU / Emergency Call Image


Optimize all functions required for TCU

(ADC for Microphones / DAC / Analog Path)

Capable of standalone operation
No need to care Processor resource / No License fee for EC/NR program

 Hardware DSP solution with dedicated program Hardware DSP solution with dedicated program

(5.9GHz RF Transceiver)