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Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) offers solutions for sound quality improvement, sound effects and entertainment to in-vehicle infotainment (IVI).
By using D/A converters for sound quality improvement and audio & voice processors for sound effects and entertainment, your car spaces are filled with the most suitable sound. Would you like to make a comfortable and enjoyable drive with AKM's audio ICs ?

Sound effects

Achieving a comfortable audio experience - your own cabin space

"How can we improve sound in cars?”

For such a request, AKM offers audio & voice processors bringing sound effects. The sound effects become one of the important factors in the field of IVI. With audio & voice processors of AKM, you can experience driving spaces where sounds spread in front of you. AKM calls these original sound effects "Real Space Sound". We introduce the effects and the examples of "Real Space Sound" in vehicles.

The effect of "Real Space Sound" in vehicles

By effects of "Real Space Sound", the sound of steps is lifted, which enables driving time with a wide range, powerful and low tone. Figure 1 compares "Real Space Sound" OFF and ON.

in the case of "Real Space Sound" OFF

Live sound that has bias is poor.
No low tones and sharpness is poor.
Sounds at the position near the floor is poor.

in the case of "Real Space Sound" ON

Live sound that has a wide range is excellent.
Low tones are powerful and sharp is excellent.
Sounds at the appropriate position is excellent.

Figure 1 Comparing before “Real Space Sound” with after it

"Real Space Sound" has more effects, which are called 1. Car Space Compensation, 2. Sweet Position Adjustment.

1. Car Space Compensation

By measuring frequency characteristics in vehicles with a high-performance microphone, Car Space Compensation can

  • realize the revision of frequency characteristics of ideal spaces in cars
  • improve sharpness of sound
  • make up the low tone well

Figure 2 shows comparing before Car Space Compensation and after that.

Figure 2 Comparing before Car Space Compensation and after that.

2. Sweet Position Adjustment

You can choose an acoustic mode according to the number of the crews. We explain the examples: Driver Mode and All Passenger Mode in Figure 3.

With Driver Mode, a driver can enjoy the best sound experience by lifting clear sounds. Therefore, it is suitable at the time of driving alone. In contrast, All Passenger Mode can realize the situation that all the crews can enjoy sounds, which is suitable at the time of driving with your family or friends.

Figure 3 Comparison between Driver Mode and All Passenger Mode


More enjoyable time in vehicles - even karaoke while driving

"The long-time drive is boring, so you want to enjoy the time more.”

AKM proposes audio & voice processors for raising entertainment characteristics. 
You drive usually on listening to music and watching a movie. With audio & voice processors of AKM, sounds improving entertainment characteristics are realized even in vehicles.

What is a karaoke in vehicles ?

Choosing a karaoke mode, you can enjoy real karaoke even in vehicles. Preparing one microphone, you can experience karaoke by using music in car audio system or in your smartphone. 
It seems to be one choice while automatic driving is advancing now and how to spend the time in a car is changing. For example, in China, karaoke in a car is considered as one of the choices.

Realizing karaoke using IVI system in vehicles, we do as the following.

  • Stereo Audio Echo Canceller → You can fell pure music by cancelling echo.
  • Howling Canceller → It automatically detects a howling frequency and prevents howling. 
  • Hall Simulator → It enables you to raise your singing voice.
  • Vocal Remover → You can enjoy karaoke by using music without the original voice.


Part Number Description Sound effects Karaoke
AK7735AVQ Dual DSP with 4 ch ADC, 4 ch DAC, 4 ch SRC Available -
AK7707VQ Multi Core DSP with SRC Available Available
AK7738AVQ Multi Core DSP with 5 ch ADC, 4 ch DAC, 8 ch SRC Available Available
AK7739VQ Multi Core DSP with 4 ch ADC, 4 ch DAC, 12 ch SRC Available Available

Engine Sound Creator

Engine Souend creator by DSP for Audio and Voice "This sound is unlimitedly realistic"

Realize Driving with Engine Sound of High Class Car


Driver can't hear liked engine sound in Hybrid, EV car / Low grade car


Implementing high quality engine sound to AKM's DSPs


Realize driving with engine sound of high class car


Drive with engine sound of high class car !

Fun driving is realized with realistic engine sound made by CAN information such as the speed / accelerator divergence (engine rotation speed) and etc.

Drive with realistic engine sound even with an electric car !

It is possible to warn the pedestrian when an EV or Hybrid car is running at low speed by taking out the engine sound to outside of the car.

What makes AKM different ?

AKM's Spatially Immersive Sound

VELVET SOUND products provide an accurate representation of the original content.