Selection Guide

Current Sensors

This is a parametric search file that can be searched by entering conditions such as maximum measurement current, maximum primary current, and supply voltage.
You can download it by registering myAKM membership service. It is saved in a ZIP file format in the downloads folder on your PC.
Please unzip and use as an Excel file.


Difference between maximum primary current and output unsaturation range

The maximum primary current indicates a current value that can be applied to a current sensor IC for a long time, and it depends on the cross-sectional area of the primary conductor.
If the current sensor IC is used for a long time when an effective value of DC current or AC current exceeds the maximum primary current, it will be damaged.
If the current is a pulse current, it is possible to pass a current that exceeds the maximum primary current.
The output unsaturation range is a current range that guarantees a linearity of the output of current sensor ICs.
When a current value exceeds the output unsaturation range, the output saturates, but when the current value returns within the output unsaturation range, normal output is restored.