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・How to calibrate the electronic compass
・When you are using compass application on a mobile terminal (such as a smartphone), have you ever seen the message such as "Interference from a magnetic field. Re-calibrate by waving the phone in a figure 8 motion"? This message is displayed when the phone moves into a magnetic field, and the electronic compass suffers interference from the field. When this occurs, the electronic compass can't detect the azimuth direction at a high accuracy without a re-calibration.
We don't neet to manually re-calibrate, because the AKM electronic compass has an auto-calibration routine by software. However, the method of "waving the cell phone in a figure 8 motion" is quick and effective method to re-calibration. But, you don't know how to move the phone in "a figure 8 motion", don't you ? So, we have created a web-site that explains in detail how to calibrate the electronic compass.
You can easily learn about how to calibrate while watching the video in this web-site.
Come web-site to see it.
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