High accuracy angle sensor for Shaft-End and Off-Axis configuration

High accuracy angle sensor for Shaft-End and Off-Axis configuration



The AK7454 is a 14-bit rotation angle sensor that detects a magnetic field parallel to the IC surface and follows high-speed rotation up to 25,000 rpm using our proprietary technology. With the simple configuration of the AK7454 and a small magnet, the rotation angle can be detected without contact. The power supply voltage is from 3.0V to 5.5V and a small package (QFN 24-pin) is used.

Key Features

  • Angle error correction function
    The AK7454 has an angle error correction function, which enables high-precision correction with at least 16 points of measurement data per round. By writing the angle error correction parameters to the AK7454's built-in EEPROM, highly accurate angle detection is realized.
  • Off-Axis placement support
    In addition to the shaft end (Shaft-End) arrangement, it corresponds to the Off-Axis arrangement where ICs are arranged next to the two-pole magnetized magnet, so that a through-axis motor system can be configured. As a result, the motor system can be made thinner and hollow.
  • Various parameter setting by built-in EEPROM
    It is possible to set the zero point that can set any angular position to 0 °, the rotation direction, the ABZ output resolution (any value from 1 to 4096ppr), and the number of UVW poles (any value from 1 to 32 pole pairs). The Z-phase output width and phase can be set freely, and the zero point of ABZ / UVW can be set independently, improving the convenience of motor control.


  •                                 Compact absolute rotary encoder, Compact input device (mode selector, control volume) 
    Substitute for potentiometer, Rotary switch


Part Number AK7454
Description Digest High accuracy angle sensor for Shaft-End and Off-Axis configuration
Power Supply Voltage (MIN.) [V] 3
Power Supply Voltage (TYP.) [V]
Power Supply Voltage (MAX.) [V] 5.5
Interface Serial, ABZ, UVW
Angle resolution [bit] 14
Angle Error Calibration Available *Off-Axis, Shaft-End
Operating Temperature [℃] -40 to 125
Device Package HVQFN
Number of Pins 24

Product Information

Part Status NEW
Pb Free Yes
Halogen Free Yes
Packaging TAPE
JEDEC Standard Packaging Compliant
Minimum Order Quantity [pcs.] 1000
Recommended Order Quantity 1 [pcs.] 12000
Recommended Order Quantity 2 [pcs.] 2000
Standard Packing Quantity [pcs.] 1000
Replacement P/N

Block Diagram

AK7454 Block Diagram

Magnet Selection Guideline for Shaft-End configuration

Application Note of Angle Sensors

Technical Resources

AKM provides the guideline for deciding on the optimalmagnet and layout for customers in need, "What kind of magnet should i choose for the magnetic angle sensor?"