IoT Smart Home

Connected Home Ease Using AKM Voice & Sensors

New technology enables us to change our daily life at home to a more convenient, secure, safe, and energy saving environment with voice control and sensors.

You can connect with various electronics and family with the use of these smart devices.

Various sensors allow monitoring around the house. Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation, (AKM), helps to realize this new, “Connected Home”, (smart-home), lifestyle.


Improving Quality of Life with Voice Control

AKM provides audio solutions that are termed as, “Real Live Sound”. Technology that had been developed for automotive hands-free talk for more than 15 years has now been implemented to smart-home, (connected home), products. 

An improved in-home experience is realized with better quality and more convenient voice communication.

“Voice that doesn’t sound distant” 

- Clear & Smooth talk -

Confirming your children are home while you are still away or calling someone upstairs from the living room, AKM provides stress-free talking with your family for such situations. 

We are developing technologies to realize a more natural conversation with technology such as noise and echo cancellation.

High quality hands-free talking designed for automotive can be adopted to IP cameras, (security cameras), or other home appliances.

Full Duplex Hands-Free Talk

Normal Intercoms and IP cameras.

Send or Receive voice are only possible. Therefore only single direction of talk is available.

Voice switch

AKM’s DSP adopts a noise cancel/echo cancel algorithm that realizes clear & smooth conversation, even if the speakers at both ends talk simultaneously.

Full duplex


Picking up sound from only direction A. 

You can enjoy the conversation without being bothered by peripheral noise.

Band Expansion for Treble Band

Sound data that is degraded by data transmission can be recovered via the algorithm.

Wide Range Sound Collection

Your voice can be collected without problem, even if the speaker is at the far end of a large room.

180/360° Voice Tracking

Detect the location of A via voice data.

Direction of IP cameras and beamforming can be changed with this detection.

“without remote control or smart phone” 

- Voice Control -

Have you ever felt there are too many remote controls for electrical appliances such as lighting equipment and air conditioners at home?

AKM pursues voice control technology that realizes controlling home appliances without a remote control or even a smart phone. 

Technologies such as Beamforming, 180/360°, Voice Tracking, Wide Range Sound Collection, Voice Wake-up, and Voice Recognition are used to realize a future lifestyle.

Voice Wake-up

Power up the device from power-save mode via voice command. AKM’s DSP realizes ultra low-power consumption for power-save mode.

Voice Command

Speak a command to the device and it will respond to the command.

Voice Recognition (Owner’s voice command)

Extract the characteristics of father’s voice and use it for voice recognition. If non-registered person speaks out a command, it does not respond.

Important things at home can be controlled conveniently and safely with this technology.


Single Stop Solution

AKM has a lineup of LSIs for voice signal processing such as shown below. In addition to this hardware, AKM also provides software that matches your solution best, to realize a Single Stop Solution for the voice field. 

You can leave all sound processing to AKM.


Bringing Sensor Security Home

AKM has been a leading company providing multiple magnetic sensors for various fields such as home appliance, automotive, and industrial for more than 30 years. 

AKM contributes to our quality of life with infrared and magnetic sensors for IoT, including the connected home market.

”Have I left them open?!”

- Open/Close Detection of Door ∙ Window -

A magnetic sensor is suited well for detecting the open or closed state of a door or window. Battery life will last longer with AKM’s 3-axis Magnetic sensor. 

The sensor detects opening/closing state of the door and notifies to your smart phone or other portable device.

”Lock A Door via Smartphone While You Are Out”

- Confirming look state -

You can lock and unlock the door with a, “Smart Lock”, using a smart phone. 

AKM’s rotation angle sensor can accurately detect how many degrees the doorknob has rotated. 

Lock verification of the door can accomplished via this technology.

”Is anyone at Home?” 

- Human Sensor -

Want to know which room people are in? 

AKM’s infrared sensor can accomplish this. AKM’s IR sensors can even detect people who are not moving.