Your life without touch

Non-contact and comfortable life using infrared sensor

Human Sensing Solution

I was a little worried about "things that can be touched by an unspecified number of people."  Nowadays, the word "mysophobia" is not enough. We live a very convenient life by touching and acting on various things.

However, the effects of the new coronavirus have changed our lifestyle. We believe that preventing the spread of COVID-19 infections can be achieved by combining a little awareness and skill of each individual.

So, this time, let's think about a "non-contact" lifestyle that realizes this convenient life without touching it.

Opportunities that have made a big change in your lifestyle

The outbreak of COVID-19 has triggered a big change in our lifestyle.  Until now, I have often seen gargling and hand washing as a measure against infectious diseases.  But now, the impact on humankind is enormous to the extent that new words are born.  For example, 

  • with COVID-19: A world that embraces a new lifestyle and coexists with a new coronavirus
  • after COVID-19: The world after mass production of therapeutic drugs and vaccines and establishment of medical systems
  • New Normal: A new lifestyle to prevent the spread of infection with COVID-19 / after COVID-19

As you can see from these new words, it is clear that people are very interested in the new coronavirus.

What is a "Your life without touch"?

One way of New Normal is "Your life without touch".  There seems to be actual measurement data that touches the face many times in daily life.  When I calm down and look back on my activities, I touch my nose, rub my eyes, put my chin on my hands, put my cheeks on my cheeks, and remove the hair that covers your eyes.  How about you?  You may unknowingly touch your face with your hands.  If you can wash your hands every time you touch something, you can prevent the virus from entering your body, but it is very difficult to do it thoroughly.  Is there a way I don't have to worry about touching something?  From another point of view, if you can live without touching it in the first place, you don't have to worry about it at all.  Therefore, we believe that if we can realize various functions without touching them by making full use of technology, that is, if we can live a non-contact life, we can reduce the risk of new coronavirus infection.  This is our proposed "Your life without touch".

Proposal of Asahi Kasei Microdevice (AKM)

First of all, please watch the concept video (about 45 seconds) of "Your life without touch".

In this example, we focused on elevator buttons that are touched by an unspecified number of people.  By operating this button with a non-contact sensor, the button operation that has been pressed with a finger can be, for example,

  1. Call the elevator
  2. Specify the destination floor
  3. Keep opening the door so that people can get on and off easily.
  4. If you are in a hurry, close the door as soon as possible

and so on, you can operate it without contact by simply holding your hand over the elevator, and realize a "Your life without touch".  The device used in this non-contact sensor is the AK9754AE.

We will introduce the operating principle with a video (about 2 minutes).

This AK9754AE is actually an IR human sensors. By shortening the distance to detect people to a few centimeters, it operates as a non-contact sensor and realizes a "Your life without touch".

Can you use it in such a place?!

Consider where this non-contact sensor works.  First, it can be used for highly public buttons that are touched by an unspecified number of people.  For example, 

(1) Vending machine button
(2) Ticketing machine button
(3) Family restroom Lock button

By making these buttons non-contact, you can achieve a "Your life without touch" and it is very hygienic.  Also, I don't think it's limited to highly public items.  You can also play an active part in ordinary households. For example, 

(4) Lighting switch
(5) Remote control such as air conditioners
(6) Doors such as refrigerators

The doors of refrigerators, etc. require a separate opening and closing mechanism, but if you use such a refrigerator, you can open and close the door in a short time during cooking, and you can use it hygienically without soiling the knobs.

In this way, we believe that the AK9754AE can be used endlessly as a non-contact sensor, depending on your inspiration and ideas.

Why don't you use your inspiration, ideas and technology to raise the awareness of each person and think together about the realization of a new normal lifestyle of "Your life without touch"?