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Comfortable Cabin

In-Cabin Air Quality Monitor

By monitoring in-cabin CO2 concentration with a sensor and setting optimal ventilation conditions, you can reduce the risk of drowsiness and maintain a comfortable in-cabin environment.
In addition, by optimally controlling the air conditioner and reducing power consumption, it is expected to improve fuel economy and battery life.

AKM's NDIR type CO2 sensor chip set can compose a compact and low power consumption CO2 sensor by adding microcomputer.

CO2 Sensor Chip Set


High Output Power IR-LED (AK9700)

Output power is 1.5 times higher than conventional products

High Sensitivity & fast Respons IR-Sensor (AK9710)

Signal-to-noise ratio is three times higher and Response time is 10,000 times faster than conventional thermopile sensors

LED Driver built-in Sensor AFE (AK9721)

Miniaturization of CO2 sensor is realized by integrating LED driver and sensor signal processing circuit to an IC

Output Comparison of IR-LED
SNR Comparison of IR-Sensor
Response Comparison of IR-Sensor