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AKM develops Bluetooth® 5.1 transmitter IC for simplifying wireless communication in your products



Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) has developed a transmitter IC AK1595 that supports Bluetooth® 5.1*. The AK1595 incorporates proprietary algorithm software and can achieve Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) transmitter functionality without a special development environment and programming required for conventional Bluetooth SoCs. The BLE function can be realized by simply setting the data to be transmitted to the built-in register, making it ideal for applications that add the BLE function to existing microcomputers.

AKM’s previous product, the AK1594 with EEPROM is suitable for fixed data transmission applications such as indoor positioning systems and monitoring systems for children. The new AK1595, which allows data to be freely rewritten in its register, is suitable for variable data transmission applications. Samples are available now. Mass production of the part is scheduled for July 2020.

* 1  Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
* 2  Extended advertising PDU, secondary advertising, LE2M, AoA, AoD options are not supported.


Support BLE Transmitter Functionality

Bluetooth® Low Energy transmission can be achieved by setting a few register bits (for transmission power, data, and transmission start trigger) via UART or I2C. This simplicity makes it easy to add wireless connectivity to an existing system with the AK1595 – no need to develop complicated, proprietary micro controller code.

Low Interval Power Consumption by High-speed Responsiveness

The AK1595 has high-speed responsiveness that starts advertising transmission within 3msec from the power-down state. This allows the power consumption between transmissions to be kept standby at a low power consumption of 15nA (typ) by controlling the time between BLE advertising transmission, which is intermittent transmission, to be in the full power-down state. Transmission start trigger can be controlled by the register access and external pin.

Reduction of PCB Design Man-hours and BOM Cost

The AK1595 can provide a single-sided printed circuit board (PCB) layout design by optimizing its pin assignment and wiring vias, enabling to reduce the PCB design man-hours. It also realizes the BLE transmitter functionality with the only one crystal and a few chip parts, contributing to BOM cost reduction.


  • Thermometers
  • Weight scales
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Toys
  • IoT data nodes
  • Data transmission applications