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Evaluation Tools

(Board & Software)

An evaluation board that integrates necessary peripheral circuits for an A/D converter is available onerously.  To obtain evaluation tools, please contact us from the Inquiry Form and select “Industrial LSI” in the product category.

Evaluation Board

An evaluation board integrates necessary peripheral circuits for the A/D converter.  Easy evaluation of an A/D converter is available by just inputting a signal and power to the connectors.

In addition, evaluation software and a FPGA board that can be connected to a PC are also available.


Evaluation Software

Use evaluation software on a PC by connecting an FPGA board.

Software Example
Part Number Evaluation Board
Evaluation Kit
(FPGA Board)
AK9223MK AKD9223μB AKD9223DCB Available
AK9232NK AKD9232 AKD9232DCB Available
AK9233NK AKD9233 AKD9233DCB Available
AK9234NK AKD9234 AKD9234DCB Available
AK9235NK AKD9235 AKD9235DCB Available
AK9242NK AKD9242μB AKD9242DCB Available
AK9240NK AKD9240μB AKD9240DCB Available
AK9255NK AKD9255μB AKD9255DCB Available
AK9255ANK AKD9255AμB AKD9255ADCB Available
AK9256NK AKD9256μB AKD9256DCB Available
AK9256ANK AKD9256AμB AKD9256ADCB Available


Industrial AFEs & ADCs

Part Number
Evaluation Manual
Application Note
Product Brief
Part Number
Evaluation Manual
Application Note
Product Brief
AK9223MK English Datasheet
AK9223MK English Application Note
AK9223MK English Product Brief
014010283-E-00 2015/01
AK9232NK English Datasheet
AK9232NK English Application Note
AK9233NK English Datasheet
AK9233NK English Application Note
AK9234NK English Datasheet
AK9234NK English Application Note
AK9235NK English Datasheet
AK9235NK English Product Brief
AK9240NK English Datasheet
AK9240NK English Application Note
AK9240NK English Product Brief
AK9242NK English Datasheet
AK9242NK English Application Note
AK9242NK English Product Brief
AK9255ANK English Datasheet
AK9255A/56ANK English Product Brief
AK9255NK English Datasheet
AK9255/56NK English Product Brief
AK9256ANK English Datasheet
AK9256NK English Datasheet
AK9223MK Japanese Datasheet
AK9223MK Japanese Application Note
AK9223MK Japanese Product Brief
AK9232NK Japanese Datasheet
AK9232NK Japanese Application Note
AK9233NK Japanese Datasheet
AK9233NK Japanese Application Note
AK9234NK Japanese Datasheet
AK9234NK Japanese Application Note
AK9235NK Japanese Datasheet
AK9235NK Japanese Product Brief
AK9240NK Japanese Datasheet
AK9240NK Japanese Application Note
AK9240NK Japanese Product Brief
AK9242NK Japanese Datasheet
AK9242NK Japanese Application Note
AK9242NK Japanese Product Brief
AK9255ANK Japanese Datasheet
AK9255A/56ANK Japanese Product Brief
AK9255/56NK Japanese Product Brief
AK9256ANK Japanese Datasheet