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Wireless Communication ICs

AKM IFBPF Technology

(AK2364, AK2365A, AK2400)

AKM unique analog filter design technology enables integrated narrowband channel filter with high selectivity.


Eliminates external IF ceramic filter

⇒ "minimize PCB area" and "improve drop impact resistance"


Selectable filter bandwidth by register control

⇒ BPF_BW=±10kHz/±7.5kHz/±6kHz/±4.5kHz (AK2364)
±7.5kHz/±6kHz/±4.5kHz/±3kHz/±2kHz (AK2365A)


Very small temperature drift and device variation of frequency

Digital Frequendy Modulation

Frequency offset function

AK2400 and AK2401 have the frequency offset function, which enables glitch free frequency transition by register setting.
This function enables Digital Frequency Modulation for FM/FSK applications and Auto Frequency Correction.

AK2400 and AK2401 contributes to minimize PCB area and lower cost by replacing conventional modulation system in which variable-capacitors and other discrete components are used.

DFM evaluation kit

AK2400 and AK2401 evaluation kit prepares the user interface based on narrowband wireless standards such as ARIB STD-T98.

The kit simplifies user’s evaluation using pseudo random pattern or arbitrary data.

Direct Conversion Receiver

Direct Conversion Rx/Tx

(AK2401, AK2403)

AKM is pursuing design flexibility and PCB area conservation for the two-way radio market. The direct conversion architecture receiver/transmitter ICs will be available soon supporting multi standard from 6.25KHz to 150KHz channel bandwidth.

Direct Conversion Receiver



AKM’s master design DC offset cancellation technique “RDOC”

(Real-time DC Offset Canceller)

⇒ AKM has newly developed RDOC function which enables Zero-IF receiver structure even in narrowband communication. The operation is automatically performed on chip requiring no DSP programming.



Embedded “Programmable digital channel filter” enables “common platform” which supports multiple standard

Example of supported standards:


Cartesian Feedback Loop Transmitter

Cartesian Feedback Loop Transmitter


AK2403 achieves high linearity using Cartesian Feedback Loop and contributes to minimize PCB area and reduce BOM cost by integrating DAC, Fractional-N synthesizer and VCO.


Achieving high lineartiy using Cartesian Feedback Loop