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Dual Hall Effect ICs (Latch)

Operating Principle

NOTE) Please see application note for detailed technical information.

Dual Hall Effect ICs (Latch) is the Hall effect latch which detect both “(1) vertical” and “(2) horizontal” (perpendicular and parallel to the marking side of the package) magnetic field.

*This figure shows the direction for AK8779A/B. For other parts, please refer the datasheets.

As the multipole magnetic ring rotates, the vector of the magnetic flux around the magnetic ring also rotates. The vertical component and horizontal component forms 90 degree of phase difference which depend on the direction of the rotation, regardless to the magnetic pole pitch.


Fits with any pitches of magnets

AK877x series can output the correct signal regardless of the magnetic pitch.

This feature can reduce the time and cost to re-design the board layout due to the change of encoder specification.

Lay-out Free

Enables mounting position flexibility

Compared with conventional Hall ICs, there are less restrictions for mounting position. This feature enables the various mounting strategy.

The figure below shows the examples of magnet and sensor position with AK8779A/B.