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Location Detection with LED

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Tri-axis magnetic sensor, AK0997x series is the most suitable sensor for measuring strong magnetic fields in magnets.

The AK0997x series can easily detect from which direction the magnetic field is being applied to a sensor, because it has magnetic sensitivity in three axis directions.

The device is also capable of detecting the magnet location by magnetic field and changing the LED color according to its location.

The non-contact detection allows for easy waterproofing and dustproofing, which makes it possible to achieve highly durable products.

Demo videos show LED change, detection mechanism, application, and demo kit.

Tri-axis Magnetic Sensors


What kind of demo?

  • That will change the color of LED light
  • Place a magnet on colored dots
  • LED will light up in the color of the dot
  • LED color also changes when you change the location where you put the magnet
  • LED color changes continuously as you move the magnet


How to detect it?

  • Sensor mounted with a LED detects the magnetic field derived from a magnet
  • Sensor calculates the direction in which the magnet is placed using the magnetic field in the X and Y axes
  • Magnetic field detected by the sensor also changes due to the location of the magnet
  • LED color changes according to the location of the magnet
  • AK0997x is capable of detecting mT order 3D magnetic field
  • It can detect the magnetic field even if the magnet is placed at any position in 360°


What application for?

  • Non-contact detection of where pieces are placed in a board game
  • Detection of the roulette needle orientation
  • For the mode selection dial of a camera
  • It may also be used for mirror balls that change the color when an external magnetic field is applied


Detail of Demo Kit

  • Stage, LED, microcomputer, sensor, battery, and magnet are used
  • Sensor is automatically adjusted when connected to the battery
  • Adjustment is complete when the LED goes out
  • If you put the magnet on your favorite dot
  • Sensor will detect the magnetic field of the magnet and turn on LED in the color that matches the color of the dot
  • LED color changes smoothly with the movement

[Note] AK09973 is recommended instead of AK09970.


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