S-cube S-cube

Tri-axis Magnetic Sensors

October 18, 2017

AKM’s Switch Cube exhibited in CEATEC JAPAN was introduced at “Trend Tamago” in World Business Satellite program, which was broadcast on October 17 in Television Tokyo.


A "dice" for controlling home appliances

Trend Tamago: World Business Satellite | Television Tokyo Website



We make it with the concept that we would like to combine multiple remote controls in a home into one.

Turning the CUBE over the sensors makes it easier to change the TV channel or change the brightness of the light.

The principle of operation is that there is a magnet in the CUBE, and the position and strength of the magnet are detected three-dimensionally by a tri-axis magnetic sensor (AK09970N) below the CUBE and converted to a remote-control signal.


As the CUBE turns, the position and strength of the magnet change, and the sensor determines that the magnet has moved from location A to location B. The TV channel is changed, replacing this change in location with a TV remote-controller channel.

The lights are switched in the same way. The application range such as audio volume and room blind adjustment is infinite.

SWITCH CUBE is a demonstration kit designed to announce the potential of AKM's sensing technology and has not yet been commercialized.

AKM's sensor technology will be working on the development of useful products in your house.



SWITCH CUBE SWITCH CUBE: - New application using tri-axis magnetic sensor - Stylish and intuitive cube-type controller - Operation of LED lights and TV monitor screens are possible

With "Cube" controls for all home appliances

A simple and convenient switch sensor using a tri-axis magnetic sensor has exhibited.

You can freely change the lighting condition or change the TV screen by selecting the application to be switched (lighting or TV) and rotating the cube. The feature is that multiple applications can be controlled by a single cube.