Power Management

Safe Cabin

Power management IC for automotive Millimeter-wave Radar, camera and LiDAR

Suitable for high performance sensors

* ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)


Low output noise and fast transient response for maximizing sensor performance

Low voltage, high current drive suitable for fast and high power sensor modules

Built-in precision over & under voltage detector for safety solutions


Low noise (180nV/√Hz)

LDO regulator

with OV / UV detector


High current (4.5A)

DCDC converter 

with power-good output


Distinction of Human / Thing / Car

Huge image Processing (Processor)

Built-in memory (DRAM) 

Millimeter-wave Radar 

Distant Ranging

High-frequency Transmitter RF (ADC) 

High-frequency Receiver RF (ADC)

High-speed data processing (MCU)


Small object recognition

High-frequency pulse generation/High speed ADC (High current Driver) 

Output Comparison of IR-LED
SNR Comparison of IR-Sensor
Response Comparison of IR-Sensor