Exhibition Contents

Coreless Current Sensors

Expanding AKM's lineup of 5V/3.3V coreless current sensors complying with product safety standard, UL 61800-5-1

There will be a demonstration of the fast response characteristics of the CZ3 series suitable for industrial equipment.

Angle Sensors

High accuracy absolute magnetic angle sensor with support for shaft-end and off-axis configurations (Automatic compensation function for disturbance)

AKM has developed the AK7455 that expands the functions of an angle sensor IC AK7454 supporting the off-axis configuration, which improves responsiveness during acceleration and deceleration and has a disturbance compensation function.
We will show a demonstration ahead of mass production coming fall.

Tri-axis Magnetic Sensors

Unprecedented solutions such as magnetic motion tracking and absolute slider position detection

AKM will exhibit the AK09970N that can detect the movement of magnets from three directions and realize the position detection and rotation/push switch of air cylinders.
AKM will also exhibit the AK09940 that detects magnetic fields at nT levels weaker than earth magnetism and can be used for magnetic motion tracking and magnetic metal particle testers.

Magnetic Hall Sensors

Proven technology and reliable quality based on 70% market share and long-term sales record.

We will show high market share Hall elements that have been manufactured for over 40 years and a series of applied products based on that technology as well.

IoT Sensors

Various sensors and energy harvesting ICs that can be used for IoT
AKM contributes to the IoT society with analog LSI technology that utilizes compound semiconductor sensing technology and voice and communication know-how.

We will prepare an introduction panel for IoT products and a demonstration kit for energy harvesting ICs using the weak current of indoor power generation.



Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) will exhibit at TECHNO-FRONTIER 2020 (38th Motor Technology Exhibition) from April 8th to 10th, 2020.

Date: 2020.4.8 (WED) - 4.10 (FRI) 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Venue: Makuhari Messe
Booth #: 7E-10
Exhibition Contents: Hall Elements / Hall Effects ICs, Current Sensors, Angle Sensors, Tri-axis Magnetic Sensors, IoT products

AKM will prepare two exhibitor seminars at Seminar Site B to provide more detailed information to the visitors. Pre-registration is required. If you wish to participate them, please apply through the techno frontier website.

We look forward to your visit.