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Introduction of Senseair Sunrise and Senseair Aercast, the products featuring low current consumption.

Senseair Sunrise

Senseair Sunrise is a NDIR CO2 sensor that uses AKM LEDs and photodiodes. The accuracy of the sensor is as high as  ± (30ppm + 3% of reading) , but the average current consumption is 38μA for battery operation. 

The built-in Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC) algorithm achieves regular auto-calibration and maintenance-free operation after installation.


  • Low current consumption and high reliability by using AKM LEDs and photodiodes
  • High accuracy
  • Built-in ABC algorithm
  • I2C and UART interface


  Specification note
Storage temperature -40 - 70°C  
Operating temperature 0 - 50°C  
Operating Humidity 0 - 85%RH Non-condensing
Dimensions 33.5 x 19.7 x t11.5mm  
Power supply 3.05 - 5.5V  
Measurement range 400 - 5000ppm  
Accuracy +/- (30ppm + 3% of reading) 15 - 35°C
0 - 80%RH
after 3 ABC periods
Average current 38µA Power supply: 3.3V
Measurement period: 16s
Peak current < 125mA  
Life expectancy > 15 years  
Interface UART, I2C  


Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC) is a Senseair self-calibration function for achieving maintenance-free gas sensors. All Senseair products have the built-in ABC-algorithm. Senseair sensors have a life expectancy of at least 15 years without any further calibration for normal indoor use owing to this algorithm.

Why gas sensors need calibration?

The accuracy of the sensor is reduced due to vibration and stress on the board during transport and handling, reduced light output from the light source, and contamination of the light path. Therefore, periodic calibration is required.

How the ABC algorithm works

The CO2 concentration in fresh air is generally about 400ppm. A typical indoor CO2 concentration can drop to the outside air CO2 level during a week. The CO2 sensor records the lowest CO2 concentration value for a certain period of time, and if a difference from the outside air CO2 concentration of 400ppm is detected, it adjusts the zero point.

However, in greenhouses and indoor environments where people are constantly active, the ABC algorithm does not work properly because the CO2 concentration does not drop to the level of the outside air. In that case, it is recommended to turn off the ABC function and calibrate once every two to three years.

Products Information

More Detail Informations

For more information, please visit the Senseair website or contact AKM.

Senseair Aercast

Senseair Aercast is a 3-in-1 indoor air quality sensor with CO2, temperature and humidity sensors. Battery operation for about 2 years is achieved by adopting low current consumption Senseair Sunrise for the CO2 sensor. Each measurement data can be displayed on the LCD or checked using the smart device app. 

Furthermore, the air quality obtained from the measurement data is visualized with four colors (green, yellow, orange, and red) of light.


  • Equipped with CO2, temperature and humidity sensors
  • Battery operation
  • Indoor air quality indication on display as well as intuitive LEDs
  • Connection to smart devices via wireless communication


  Specification note
Measured gas CO2  
Operating temperature 0 - 50°C  
Operating humidity 0 - 85% RH Non-condensing
Dimensions 148 x 58 x t29 mm  
Measurement range CO2 400 - 5000 ppm  
Accuracy +/-(30ppm + 3% of reading) 15 - 35°C
0 - 80%RH
after 3 ABC periods
Life expectancy 15 years (battery 2 years)  
Power supply 2x AA lithium batteries (included)  
Communication BLE  

More Detail Informations

For more information, please visit the Senseair website or contact AKM.