Low-power DSP for Voice/Audio Processing


Tokyo Japan, Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation (AKM) today launched the AK7719B, a very low power consumption digital signal processor (DSP) for portable devices. The AK7719B is effective for sound quality improvement of voice communications, music playback and sound recording functions. It can operate on an asynchronous connection with integrated five digital interface ports and three asynchronous SRCs, allowing a simple interface to various audio system designs.


AKM’s proprietary royalty-free algorithms for voice communications, including a two-microphone noise suppressor and echo canceller, enable highly intelligible phone calls including hands free talk while minimizing noise. Clarity enhancement and bandwidth extension algorithms that improve both voice transmission and reception are available for porting to the AK7719B. Supporting wide-band signals, the AK7719B can be applied to VoIP applications. Additional functions other than those for voice calls, such as sound processing for music playback and microphone zooming that synchronizes camera zoom with audio focus for video recordings are also available.


Programs are loaded into internal RAM via a serial interface from a microcontroller, allowing for seamless updates. For connecting to other audio devices such as Baseband, ACPU and Bluetooth modules, the serial voice interface supports MSB-first, LSB-first, I²S and PCM audio data formats. A power management function operated by clock inputs is an advantage for power saving. 11mW low power consumption is achieved in a narrowband hands free mode operation, realizing long battery life on a phone call. The AK7719B is housed in a very small 30-pin CSP package (2.94mm x 3.14mm, 0.5mm pitch). It operates off of 1.8V and 1.2V power supplies.


Evaluation boards and samples are available now.

To obtain more information about the AK7719B, please visit here.