Gas Sensing

CO2 sensing IR LED / IR Sensor / Signal processing AFE, they are suitable for NDIR CO2 sensingNew technology enables us to change our daily life at home to a more convenient, secure, safe, and energy saving environment with sensors.


As it is urgent to suppress global warming, the need for improved efficiency of air conditioning such as air conditioning and heating is increasing.

In air conditioning control of high-rise office buildings and highly air-conditioned dwellings, its cooling and heating efficiency changes greatly depending on how much external air is taken in. By measuring the CO2 concentration in the indoor environment as the air quality standard and optimizing the operation of the air conditioning ventilation system, we will realize energy saving of comfortable indoor environment and air conditioning.

AKM's IR sensor has an optical filter that selectively transmits only the infrared absorption spectrum band of CO2. This makes it easy to configure a non-dispersive optical (NDIR) CO2 sensor. This product features high sensitivity, high speed response, small package, contributing to miniaturization and low power consumption of CO2 sensor.

CO2 sensor equipped with AKM's IR sensor contributes to high efficiency of air conditioning system and realization of comfort environment (*1). Meanwhile, in the future, it is planned that the car air conditioner will shift to a CO2 refrigerant with an extremely low greenhouse effect instead of Freon (*2), but it is also ideal for its refrigerant leak detection (*3) application.

The AKM's IR sensor can also be used for flame detectors by detecting infrared emanating from flame.


*1 CO2 concentration of fresh air is normally 400ppm. If this concentration exceeds 2000ppm, it will cause drowsiness, headache and sense of fatigue.

*2 Chlorofluorocarbon has several hundreds to hundred thousand times GWP (Global Warming Potential) than CO2 in addition to damaging of the ozone layer. In Europe, all refrigerants that exceeds 150 GWP are banned for automotive air conditioner after 2017. VDA, (Verband der Automobilindustrie), has decided to use CO2 refrigerant from 2017 onward.

*3 Compressor pressure that use CO2 refrigerator is 10 times higher than the ones using chlorofluorocarbon; it operates at 100 atmospheric pressure. The AK9710 is capable to detect refrigerants leaks in a car.