Improved Characteristics or Device Replacement

Technical Description

The features circuit can be made such as improving the disturbance characteristics or improving the sensitivity by LNA, Mixer, PLL Synthesizer and analogue baseband combination.  In addition, the specific parts can be changed to improve the performance in existing circuit configuration.

AKM radio product line up

AKM offers a wealth lineup of MIXER, PLL Synthesizer, IF filters, analogue baseband products.

Mixer and PLL Synthesizer can be used according to the frequency plan and system to be used. The frequency bandwidth of IF narrow band filter is selectable with frequency resister according to your system.

Improved Characteristics or Device Replacement using various parts

Architecture example

Transceiver circuit can be easily configured, as shown in Fig.1 using various component ICs.

Fig.1 Configuration example using each part

Transceiver circuit can be easily configured, as shown in Fig.2 using AK2400.

AK2400 integrates Mixer, bandwidth variable IF filters, fractional-N frequency synthesizers and 12-bit ADC. You can configure a receiver in a superheterodyne configuration.

Figure 2 Configuration Example with Super Heterodyne Integrated IC

Evaluation board

Evaluation boards are available for easy evaluation.

Contact us if you wish to have a sample or evaluation board.

PLL application note
PLL design tool for external loop filter design