Reducing VCO Design Man-hours

Technical Description

VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) consists of discrete Transistor, inductor(L) and capacitance(C) that are troublesome to adjust, or large VCO elements are used.  Especially, when L and C are used on board, the parasitic inductor and parakite capacitance must be considered for VCO. IF this VCO is built in to PLL synthesizer LSI, VCO design man-hours can be reduced.

About AK1574

AK1574 is a 5mm sq. This LSI is a fractional-N PLL frequency synthesizer with a VCO and 12bit ADCs. 

This LSI eliminates troublesome adjustments of VCO and enables a small area. Its output frequency is a wide output frequency range of 46.875MHz to 1682.5MHz. Therefore, the frequency can be set according to various wireless systems.

Reducing VCO Design Man-hours using on chip VCO

Architecture example

The transmit circuit can be easily configured as shown in Fig.1 using a AK1574.

Fig.1 Configuration Examples Using discrete VCO and AK1574

Transmitter and receiver circuit can be easily configured with a small number of components, as shown in Fig.2 using AK2401A and AK1574.

Fig.2 Configuration Examples Using AK1574,AK2401A

Evaluation board

AK1574 trial boards are available for easy evaluation.

Contact us if you wish to have a sample or evaluation board.

A FPGA/DAC for generating modulation signals is available. The modulation characteristics can be confirmed with the eye pattern.

Evaluation board