Getting 7 billion people to conserve energy

Think of how much energy is expended just to produce electricity.

Controlling electric motors with Hall elements from Asahi Kasei to reduce energy loss throughout the world.

This is Hall element from Asahi Kasei, a sensor that detects the magnetic effect of an electric current. With energy conservation a subject of serious concern, these sensors play a critical role.
CD players, DVD players, and many other consumer electronics use electric motors.These Hall elements precisely keep track of rotational position and speed, enabling motors to be driven with the minimum necessary power, without excessive spinning.
The advent of Hall element has enabled a major leap in the energy efficiency of electric motors. Asahi Kasei produces some 70% of the world's Hall elements, over 1.2 billion of them per year.
And when you close your cellphone, it's a Hall element that automatically turns the screen off. As the products we use every day evolve, we all take part in energy conservation.
While new technology to produce electricity is on the rise, don't overlook the technology to eliminate wasteful electricity use.
The Hall element. One of the ways Asahi Kasei is creating technology for tomorrow.

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